Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Doctor Cure for Crampypamps!

Hi Guys!
Mitch is all crampypamps.
I used to be a doctor so luckily I know exactly what this calls for.

First of all Mitch, you need to lie down with a hot water bottle on your tummy:

Stay there while I make some toast.

The best thing for you now is hot peanut butter and Gossip Girl in bed.
Mmmm.... actually this can be very serious for Mitches.
I think I better join you so that I can monitor you carefully.

Oh -I might just have a sip of your tea please Mitch.

Love Henry


  1. henry that is very nice of you to look after mitch.
    try not to drink too much of her tea though mate.

  2. He's adorable! My favorite is the one of him making the sandwich. George sends his love... xo