Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breaking News!!

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman. My name is Henry and I am the orangutangle meterologist. Welcome to the weather report.
There is currently heavy rain in the region from the north to north westerlies and the low pressure system is coming in from the coast....
The rain is increasing from medium patches to torrential downpours with possible thunder and lightening and storms and even floods and winds of 1000mm.
The upper low is coming in from sea you should all stay home from work and relax indoors with helmets and toasted banana bread.
Welcome to the weather report. Ummm....Thank you for the weather report oohehoooaaaooohaaummm, my name is Henry....ummm....


  1. Hey I like the photography. You even bring it outdoor! I enjoy reading. Thank Henry.

  2. henry tootally cool man! totally cccoooooool!
    a big hello from paris!
    people love you here!