Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentines day night

How do I look?

Sausage has given me some valentines tips. He said that all you have to do is turn up with chocolates and roses.

So I'm just putting my love cakes into my little case so I can take them with me.

I got some tiny red roses from Norris who sells the flowers in big buckets down at Rosalie Gourmet Market.

Now I'm off.

Uh oh. Ummm. What's the time? I think I may have double booked.

Gidget's coming over for dinner at 7, I'm taking Sasha out for dinner at 6:30, BJ Tiger and I are going on a picnic at 7, I told Ziggy we would have hot chocolate at 8, I think Willow's waiting at the movies for me now, and Piper invited me over to his place for a bbq (I don't think he knows any girls yet).


I think what I might do is just take these love cakes over to Sausage's house and have a cup of tea with him.

Bye Mitch! I got you some flowers, they're by the door!

Uh oh - there's Sasha! I'll hide behind this tree.

Sssshh. Piper stop barking!

Better make a run for it while she's having a bath. Quick!

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