Monday, February 2, 2009

Fruit Salad Library in Karen Walker

Hi Guys!
The new munch bunches books have arrived! I have been very busy cataloguing them into a library.
To celebrate I have decided to wear my Karen Walker fruit salad face maxi dress which is just perfect for this kind of occassion.
I would have to say that Karen Walker is in my favourite and the very best fashion designers in the entire world because she makes fun clothes that are never too boring. She makes things such as fruit salad faces, beautiful red beanies, to die for red velvet pants, horse rider outfits, super-cool sunglasses and lovely jewellery pieces with little animals.
Also Karen Walker is a kiwi like Mitch and like my friend Wiremu (Wi-re-moo) who is actually a real kiwi.
Love Henry

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  1. henry you look so professional in that outfit!